Wellnesslandschaft im Hotel Zirngast in Schladming
Wellnesslandschaft im Hotel Zirngast in Schladming

Spacious Wellness Oasis

Relaxing can be so easy

Breathe in the fragrances of nature, enjoy the warmth, feel your muscles relax and sense how your whole body becomes calmer – all of this is part of how a successful holiday should be. Treat yourself to wonderful hours of regeneration in our organic pine sauna or in the Finnish, Alpine-style antique-wood sauna. Especially during skiing & winter holidays when it’s cold outside, your body needs lots of warmth. Reenergize body and mind with the help of our wellness center at Hotel Zirngast in Schladming – open for you daily between 4 and 8 p.m.

Wellnesslandschaft im Hotel Zirngast in Schladming
Wellnesslandschaft im Hotel Zirngast in Schladming

Overview of our world of wellness

Rustic sauna enjoyment from the land where it began

The Finnish sauna at Hotel Zirngast was made from antique wood we obtained from barns and huts in the region, for very rustic wellness enjoyment and a uniquely Alpine atmosphere. The fragrances and ambience transport guests to a hut high in the mountains – making this particular sauna experience something you will never forget. The infusions poured on the hot rocks in the sauna oven will automatically free your body from toxins of all kinds. Your blood circulation is improved and your immune system strengthened at the same time. And our spa shower will provide you with a welcome cool-off once your session inside the sauna is done.

Soothing pine sauna for your health

Enjoy a gentler form of sauna experience: Our organic pine sauna relaxes and cleanses without stressing your body. Thanks to the mild temperatures around 60° C and moderate humidity between 40 and 50%, your cardiovascular system will feel comfortable as well. Your body heats up gradually, while the temperatures and humidity regenerate your body and you simply feel "good". Without overwhelming your cardiovascular system, you will sweat healthfully. Treat yourself and your body to this gentle sauna variant!

Bathing in a fragrant mist

A warm mist envelops you inside the aroma steam bath in our wellness center. The fragrant aromas of "hay flowers" caress your nose and transport you into a world of peace and relaxation. Due to the moderate temperatures between 40 and 50° C, along with the extremely high humidity (as much as 100%), the steam bath has extremely positive effects on body and mind. If you can’t handle too much heat, the steam bath will be ideal for you. It has stimulating effects on the skin and respiratory passages, while at the same time being kind to your cardiovascular system. The fine mist opens your pores, making your skin soft and smooth. Blood flow also increases, while muscle tension is relieved. The unique combination of warmth and humidity relieves tension, cleanses, soothes and relaxes all in one. In addition, we mix essential oils in with the steam, producing uniquely pleasant sensations for all of your senses. Open yourself to the captivating magic of our steam bath.

Light and warmth for total personal comfort

For a relaxing heat treatment, you will discover our modern infrared cabin using Physiotherm technology. Thanks to infrared energy, your body is gradually filled with soothing warmth from the inside. The heat is distributed very evenly, raising your body temperature – and then you begin to sweat.
The infrared heat has positive benefits for your overall well-being. The muscles relax and blood flow increases. Your body is detoxified, the immune system strengthened. Environmental toxins are eliminated from your body. Even pain is relieved, while tension of all kinds disappears, leaving you to feel utterly relaxed and rejuvenated.

Welcome Refreshment

Harmonious colors, gentle music and pleasant fragrances underscore the relaxing effects of our spa shower. These pulse showers provide the refreshment you long for after spending time in the sauna.

Soothing relaxation in dry air & low temperatures

In the Tepidarium, which is lined with handmade tiles, the benches and beds as well as the walls and floor are all heated. The air is dry while temperatures are between 38 and 40° C. The room temperature, which is just a little bit above body temperature, improves blood flow in tissue, which in turn promotes relaxation. In this way, you can also try to improve vascular problems, slight infections (e.g. associated with colds, coughing and fever), rheumatism and various metabolic conditions.

A place to dream

In our quiet room, as you gaze out towards the Planai you will be able to while away the hours. The same principles apply here as throughout our wellness center: take a deep breath, let go, revive.

Take a walk through our wellness area
Wellnesslandschaft im Hotel Zirngast in Schladming
Wellnesslandschaft im Hotel Zirngast in Schladming
Wellnesslandschaft im Hotel Zirngast in Schladming
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