FIS Nightslalom

Sport & excitement at this legendary skiing event in Schladming

The Nightrace in Schladming has long since become a cult event, and for good reason: Every year, when the world’s best slalom racers hurtle down the finish slope of the Planai cheered on by masses of ski fans, the atmosphere in this small and, under other circumstances, very laid-back small community at the foot of the Planai is extraordinary.

Everyone feverishly awaits the starting shot for this Schladming spectacle. From the stadium at the foot of the Planai into the very heart of this picturesque old town, for two full days the atmosphere here in Schladming is definitely at Ski World Cup fever pitch. Even as the slalom elite are still at the top visualizing the run to come, masses of spectators pour into the Planai stadium. When darkness sets in, the cheers of the crowd transform this venue into the "witch’s cauldron" for which Schladming has become synonymous. Year in and year out, tens of thousands of guests mill around the food & drinks stands enjoying delicious snacks and toasty beverages, or you will find them dancing in front of one of the big stages, celebrating the skier who is ultimately crowned king of this amazing night of skiing.[ultimatesocial_facebook url=""] [ultimatesocial_twitter url=""] [ultimatesocial_google url=""]