Winter Camping

Winter vacation within your own four walls.

For centuries winter camping was the privilege of Eskimos. This changed abruptly with the invention by the Belarusian researcher 'Warmisim Caravan' of a trailer that could be heated. Today winter camping at Zirngast’s is a comfortable way of taking a vacation within your own four walls ... with a heavenly skiing area right on your doorstep.

 There’s a City Bus that goes direct to the Planai cable car Valley Station and stops right by the campground – or an energetic 10 minute march away. And: leave your Sat-dish at home. Here there’s a cable TV connection with dozens of international stations! To the Programm list


You’ve found you have a small or even a big problem with your trailer? Campingservice Egger the specialists, will take this on! Do you want to camp out all winter? Just let us know – we’ll be delighted to get information to you about our season pitches. You can bathe all year at the Schladming Adventure Pool at an exclusive 20% discount.

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