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Replenish your energies.

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Breathe in the fragrance of the natural world, enjoy the warmth, feel your muscles relax and your body ease up – this is how you’ll feel in the stone-pine herbal sauna or in a hot Finnish sauna. At the cold time of year when your body is burdened with the effort to keep warm, you need plenty of heat. Replenish your energies – body & soul – in our new wellness area. Open daily from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m.


Finnish old wood sauna

Rustic sauna enjoyment from its home country

Traditional wellness pleasure is to be found in the Finnish old wood sauna at Hotel Zirngast: ancient wood from barns and mountain huts from the region has been used to build this sauna. So we’ve been able to create a very special, alpine hut atmosphere. Fragrance and ambience transport the visitor to a mountain hut high up in the Alps; a very special feature that turns a sauna session into a truly memorable experience. 
When the water is thrown on to the hot stones in the sauna stove, your body relaxes automatically and is freed of toxins. The result is improved circulation and at the same time, your immune system is strengthened. You can cool down after sauna sessions in our fun shower.

Bio stone-pine sauna

Health-giving bio stone-pine saunas!

Enjoy this gentle type of sauna experience: a bio stone-pine sauna is relaxing and cleansing, without stressing your body. Thanks to its low temperature at about 60°C and good level of humidity – between 40 and 50% - the cardio-vascular system is protected and your body gently warmed. Because of the temperature and humidity your body will simply feel at ease and can regenerate healthily. While the cardio-vascular system is protected, you will begin to sweat without feeling the strain. Indulge yourself – give your body the chance to enjoy this gentle kind of sauna!

Aromatic steam bath

A fragrant steam bath

You’ll be surrounded by warm misty steam in your aromatic steam bath. Sweet, aromatic hay flowers to delight your sense of smell and take you into a world of rest and relaxation. Thanks to its pleasant temperatures of between 40 and 50 °C and extremely high levels of humidity (up to 100%) a steam bath has a very agreeable effect on body and soul. For those who cannot take great heat, this is the perfect steam bath.

A steam bath has a stimulating effect on your skin and airways, but at the same time the cardio-vascular system is protected. A fine mist opens the pores and makes your skin soft and supple.In addition, it promotes circulation and loosens muscle tension. This unique combination of warmth and humidity eases tensions, cleanses, nourishes and relaxes in equal measures. Moreover, we add essential oils to the steam as a special sensual treat. Allow yourself to be seduced by the beguiling effects of a steam bath.

Spruce infrared cabin

Light & warmth for your well-being

You will find that modern infrared cabins with physiotherm technology are a perfect, relaxing heat treatment. Thanks to infrared heat the body is slowly and gently warmed from within. The rays distribute the warmth very equally, your core body temperature begins to rise and you begin to sweat. Essentially, infrared heat has a positive effect on all general conditions. Your muscles relax and the circulation is improved. Your body is purified, the immune system receives a boost, and environmental toxins are dispelled. Even pain can be aleviated. All kinds of tensions disappear and you feel restored and relaxed.

Fun Shower

Harmonious colors, gentle sounds and fragrant perfumes underlie its exciting effects. Our fountain shower and fun shower offer refreshment after a sauna session.


In the tepidarium fitted out in hand-made ceramics, benches and loungers, but also the walls and floors too are heated. The air is dry, the temperature around 38 to 40 °C. Because the ambient temperature is a little above body temperature, body tissue circulation is improved; this eases relaxation, and it is possible to aid the cure of vascular diseases, light infections (e.g. colds or coughs where there is no fever), rheumatism and metabolic diseases.

Quiet Area

In our quiet room you can enjoy some relaxing hours while savoring the views out over the Planai.  Take a deep breath, let go. Revive.


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